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Welcome to Men for Inclusion: Building DEI Transformation Together


At Men for Inclusion, we are passionate advocates for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). With a proven track record, we specialise in guiding men and leadership teams to actively embrace their pivotal roles and responsibilities in transforming and fostering inclusive workplace cultures. Not only is it the right thing to do, it leads to better business performance, increases staff happiness and motivation and delivers better outcomes for customers.

Take a look at the products we offer.



  • A Comprehensive Approach to Engaging Men, Leaders and Culture Carriers in Inclusion

Our inclusion programmes deliver transformation. Our proven ADUCE model guides organisations and employees through a transformative journey, helping them understand, adopt, and embed new behaviours and values. Programmes that complement other DEI Initiatives and enhance their outcomes. 

They educate and engage the traditionally passive majority in DEI initiatives through the development of Role Models and Culture Carriers by:

  • taking participants on a journey to becoming Inclusion Leaders;
  • focusing on understanding the personal case for change – the 'what's in it for me';
  • creating an appreciation of the different lived experiences of those from traditionally underrepresented groups

Recognising that this is a cultural transformation, not a transaction, we go on to develop and support role models among  leaders with the organisation, helping them to enthuse and inspire others. We train, develop and support Culture Carriers to drive progressive change up and down the organisation.

We have witnessed significant positive changes in a number of our clients. Organisations like AVIVA Investors, Ageas Insurance, MUFG Investor Services, Lloyds Bank, Christie’s, Standard Chartered, Experian and SS&C Technology have all benefited from our programmes.



  • Research and Data that Measures and Monitors Inclusion, Staff Motivators and Barriers.

Our lived experience research measures  an organisation’s inclusivity.  We frequently find there is a difference between the everyday experiences of men and women in the workplace based on accidental sexism*.  We call this the ‘lived experience gap’.

Measuring and monitoring diversity is normal for most firms, but diversity without inclusion will not deliver the culture transformational and increased business benefits that a diverse workforce can deliver. Ensuring that those diverse colleagues are having an equally good lived experience as their majority colleagues brings the true business benefit.  

We measure and benchmark the lived experience gap, helping to identify  true barriers to people from traditionally under-represented groups in the workplace. We then monitor the effects of your DEI programmes by seeing the closing of the gap over time.

As your DEI programmes mature, we work with your DEI allies and champions to understand their motivations for engagement and use that as a powerful lever to engage others across your organisation.

* Accidental Sexisms are defined in a book authored by 2 of our co-founders – “The Accidental Sexist” (Rethink Press)



  • Keynote Talks: Sharing and Socialising New Ideas on Delivering DEI success

Our team offers talks on various subjects, fostering conversations on workplace diversity and inclusion. From “The Accidental Sexist” to practical approaches for building inclusive teams, we share insights that inspire change.

  • Sharing our experience in gender equality and diversity
  • Offering talks on allyship, creating gender-equal workplaces, and more
  • Customizable talks to meet specific client requirements

See our team in action, presenting at the Treasury Select Committee, the United Nations Gender Equality conference, a Sky Sports panel event and more.... . 





  • Bespoke Consultancy:  Fully Supporting your DEI strategy

We offer a range of services to support your Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) strategy.

This can range from providing insight and support to existing programmes to designing specific programmes just for you.

If you have an existing male allies programmes that need some support, we can step in and evaluate where you are, where you want to go and refresh that programme.  We can also take over the day to day delivery too – finding internal employees to continuously run these programmes can be tough.  Maybe we can lighten the load.

Our research also gives great insight into where companies are, but surveys only tell you so much.  We can also run specific focus group sessions to better understand how included your employees feel.