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adUCe workshop for individuals
28 Sep 2023
8:00 - 11:30 AM

adUCe workshop for individuals

From your PC, Laptop or Phone

Men for Inclusion 

Study after study has shown how a more inclusive workplace benefits everyone - Many men are now realising that, far from being a threat, inclusion and inclusive organisations actually benefit them personally as well. Along with happier, more successful workplaces, inclusion creates better health and wellbeing outcomes.

By freeing some men from the “straightjacket” of conforming to outdated male stereotypes, inclusion enhances opportunity and choice.

Not all men feel this way, though. Many of them feel threatened by these changes and actively resist them. Others are simply passive, thinking that inclusion has little or nothing to do with them.

Through our ADUCE workshops, Men for Inclusion can support you with this and give you the tools to put it into pratice on a daily basis. 

What are the adUCe workshop aims & objectives?

The adUCe workshop will help participants of the ADuce workshop to continue and complete the journey to becoming Inclusion Leaders and positive and active supporters of DEI initiatives. The workshop focusses on building the Understanding and Capability to drive change.

Who should attend?

The workshops are open those who have attended and completed the ADuce Workshop.


Participants will leave the workshop with an Understanding of how their own (and others) behaviours and values as well as processes and procedures can be changed to drive cultural change.

They will have built the Capability to take action and drive change forward including building the skills to calling in and calling out behaviours.

For individuals (men, women and non-binary) who want to boost their careers and have already attended the AD workshop.

ADUCE Methodology 

Our ADUCE methodology takes leaders and managers on a journey. We create Awareness of the lived experience of others from under-represented groups. We then create a Desire for change and an Understanding of what needs to be done to achieve it. Finally, we help to build the Capability for change and Embed it into the corporate culture.

Developed by Men For Inclusion, the proven “ADUCE” model helps participants understand, adopt and embed new behaviours and values that have a positive impact on all - particularly those from under-represented groups. We create a safe space where participants can explore their feelings around inclusive culture, allowing them to develop their own ideas without any sense of guilt, prejudice, or judgement. They can voice their opinions and fears and address any ideas they are uncomfortable with or feel challenged by.

adUCe workshop for individuals 

This workshop will take place virtually, over 3.5 hours, for a group of 12 individuals. The key focus will be on Understanding and Capability:

The workshop includes a mix of presentations/videos, discussions and group activities. A workbook will be provided for each delegate. Each workshop is facilitated by two of our Men for Inclusion team.

These workshops are based on the programmes that we deliver to corporate clients on a larger scale. If you would like more information about our corporate programmes, please contact Katie.Robertson@e2w.co

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