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Inclusionist Interactions: Everything you need to know about the menopause
19 Oct 2021
6pm - 7:00pm

Inclusionist Interactions: Everything you need to know about the menopause

From your PC, laptop or phone - Via ZOOM

Come and join other Men for Inclusion 'Inclusionists' for our fortnightly virtual chat and discussion. We are welcoming members and non-members to join.

Looking for ways to empower women to bring their whole selves to work? Join us to hear Kate, an experienced coach and change strategist specialising in menopause, gender equality and diversity & inclusion share how the menopause can impact every area of a women’s life, relationships, and career. Discover how to create a culture of openness, support and awareness that will enable every woman to thrive throughout this pivotal phase.

What we'll discuss:

Menopause is a fact of female life, every woman you know will have one, yet most women tend to shy away from discussing this phase of life or open up on how it really impacts their relationships and careers. Awareness enables women, to seek the support they should need and maintain their relationships throughout this pivotal phase.

This talk will give you…

  • All you need to know about what the Menopause is and its potential impact on the women in your life
  • How it can affect relationships both at work and outside of the office
  • When and how to have a Menopause conversation at work with your colleagues 
  • How to create an inclusive environment for colleagues when they have asked for support or adjustments 


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