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Inclusionist Interactions: It’s Not Fair
30 Nov 2021
6pm - 7:00pm

Inclusionist Interactions: It’s Not Fair

From your PC, laptop or phone - Via ZOOM

Come and join other Men for Inclusion 'Inclusionists' for our fortnightly virtual chat and discussion. We are welcoming members and non-members to join.

On Tuesday 30th November at 6.00pm -7.00pm we will discuss the challenges women and other under-represented groups face in being promoted and rewarded fairly, in comparison to men.  Based on Chapter Seven of The Accidental Sexist, we will share what we have learned from others and from our own experience of managing large teams to make compensation and promotion fairer.

Two topics we will cover are:-

  • Practical tips for an unbiased promotion process
  • Thoughts about fair pay and what should be rewarded

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