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Inclusionist Interactions: Women in Finance Charter Blueprint - Culture & Behaviour
08 Apr 2022
12:00 - 1:00 PM

Inclusionist Interactions: Women in Finance Charter Blueprint - Culture & Behaviour


Come and join other Men for Inclusion 'Inclusionists' for our fortnightly virtual chat and discussion. We are welcoming members and non-members to join. 

This week we will be discussing and sharing thoughts on the Culture & Behaviour chapter of the recently published Women in Finance Charter Blueprint.   Get your copy

Chapter Executive Summary
A well-defined inclusive culture is essential for diversity to thrive.

Inclusive culture is determined by an organisation’s collective behaviours
– the company’s purpose, values and beliefs and the enablers and signals it uses to reinforce them.

For example – to live out the value of ‘a flexible and inclusive culture’, leaders enable (e.g., adopt flexible working for all roles), signal (e.g., publicly share when senior leaders go part time) and reinforce (e.g., celebrate part time employees).

The culture of financial services is still full of microaggressions and exclusionary behaviour.


  • 28% of women in FS have experienced actual physical harassment (vs. 18% across all sectors).
  • 43% of women in FS have experienced inappropriate language, insults, or bullying (vs. 34% across all sectors).

Due to Covid-19, ways of working have changed irrevocably but the detail of the hybrid model is still in flux. Leading companies are designing new ways of working to mitigate the potential impact on women. The blueprint outlines five critical levers: purpose, values and beliefs, rolemodelling, networks and listening, symbolism and storytelling, and operating



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