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Don’t give me a problem, give me a solution…

Don’t give me a problem, give me a solution…

Mark.Freed / 20 Dec 2022

Thanks Diana Parkes for your contribution to our blog, we are excited to be collaborating with you, please read below Diana's comments below about her book and the discount we are offering our community.

‘Don’t give me a problem, give me a solution’. That’s what a former boss of mine wisely said to me, and it’s a philosophy I stick by.

So, here’s an inclusion solution for male allies and leaders – preceded by the problem.

As a male ally (or potential ally) it’s difficult to know how to provide the support less privileged colleagues need without appearing to be patronising or insensitive at best, and at worst, side-stepping the responsibility of your position of a greater voice and perceived value, to lead or take action for change.

Because the insights and approaches now also shared via my book (Understand: Dare: Thrive. How to have your best career, from today) make such an immediate, measurable and lasting difference to women’s experiences and outcomes, I’ve been giving this conundrum some serious thought.

It should be a no-brainer to buy it for all female employees, right now – a low-cost, high return investment, benefitting individual women and the organisations which employ them.

But it’s a baby step that risks landing painfully, for the reasons I’ve said.

The solution is to give women their ‘how to guide’ and to simultaneously give men, including male leaders, their ‘how to guide’. So everyone is equipped with the understanding they need, and the practical approaches that work.

Fortunately, I’ve had the benefit of working with the Men for Inclusion organisation and the authors of the highly praised ‘The Accidental Sexist’ by Gary Ford, Stephen Koch and Dr Jill Armstrong . So, we’ve got together to make this super-easy.

Whether you’ve got time to turn it around for Christmas presents (we’ve got time) or if you’re planning your #EmbraceEquity International Women’s Day programme, talk to us. We’ve developed volume discounts, simple ordering logistics, and can deliver talks and book signings to take engagement to another level.

If you want to act now and order your copies with a 12% discount, use code LinkedIn12 here:

The Accidental Sexist: https://ariadnesgold.co.uk/product/the-accidental-sexist-a-handbook-for-men-on-workplace-diversity-and-inclusion

Understand: Dare: Thrive. How to have your best career, from today https://ariadnesgold.co.uk/product/understand-dare-thrive

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