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Men for Inclusion and Barnett Waddingham Launch Research Report

Men for Inclusion and Barnett Waddingham Launch Research Report

Mark.Freed / 08 Feb 2024

Men for Inclusion are thrilled to share our latest research collaboration with Barnett Waddingham shedding light on a pivotal aspect of the diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) landscape: male involvement in accelerating gender equality.

In today's corporate world, male executives often wield significant influence. Yet, as we navigate the path toward gender equality, we face challenges such as 'diversity fatigue' and resistance to DEI initiatives among some men, who perceive themselves as unfairly targeted.

Our joint study with Barnett Waddingham delves into the motivations of male inclusion leaders and allies, uncovering both the rewards and obstacles they encounter in their crucial work.

The path to true diversity, equity, and inclusion calls for a dynamic shift in engagement strategies. Our study reveals an empowering truth: when we engage men positively and meaningfully, they become champions for diversity, igniting crucial cultural, behavioral, and value changes.

Indeed, our research showcases the personal benefits that champions of inclusion experience, often unspoken in workplace conversations. It's time to amplify these success stories, foster dialogue, and inspire more men to join the ranks of active participants.

Dive deep into our findings: Download the full survey report

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