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 Exciting weeks at Men for Inclusion!

 Exciting weeks at Men for Inclusion!

katie.robertson / 27 Nov 2023

What do you notice about this image? It was not what I experienced on International Men's Day.

Reflecting on the dynamic discussions and engagements during International Men’s Day, where we addressed crucial topics ranging from mental health and male suicide to outdated stereotypes and workplace inclusion.

One resounding question prevailed across all themes: How do we engage men in these critical conversations? This becomes even more crucial as our audiences, celebrating International Men’s Day, were often 50% women, in stark contrast to the predominantly female gatherings on International Women’s Day.

The evidence is clear:

  • Men prioritize physical safety but often neglect mental health initiatives.
  • Only 33% of fathers take paternity leave, missing out on the benefits for themselves, their partners, and bonding with their children.
  • Many men still grapple with outdated stereotypes, hindering their personal growth.
  • Despite the shared benefits, men often resist or remain passive in supporting DEI initiatives.

So, how do we bridge this gap?

My thoughts:

  • Celebrate positive male role models and empower culture carriers within organizations to drive behavioral change aligned with corporate values.
  • Ensure inclusive language and strategies that embrace men, providing them with a space in our diversity intersectionality strategy.
  • Recognize that most men are well-intentioned products of societal influences; collaborate with them to build empathy and moral courage.
  • Work with men as partners, helping them understand the personal case for diversity initiatives.

What are yours?

Let's cultivate a culture where men actively participate in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion—a win/win for everyone. Together, we can shape a more inclusive future! 


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