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International Men’s Day Event: The Current State of Allyship

International Men’s Day Event: The Current State of Allyship

Tina.Freed / 17 Nov 2022

Spoiler Alert:

Men for Inclusion in partnership with E2W, Women on the Wharf and the Diversity Project are collecting data on the lived experiences of working people. The full results will be launched on International Women’s Day in March 2023. To coincide with International Men’s Day invited guests got together at the offices of Experian on Wednesday night to get an insight into the interim results.

Already sobered by the appalling weather, a number of the audience were shocked at the stark differences in the lived experiences of Men and Women and of people from different ethnic groups. Others were not surprised. All were warmed by the hospitality of our host Experian.


  • 63% of women feel that they struggle to get their voice heard in group situations whereas only 35% of men do
  • 57% of women feel that they have to provide more evidence of their competency than their colleagues, whereas only 26% of men do
  • 53% of women feel that their ideas are not considered in group situations or only heard when repeated by someone else;  only 29% of men feel the same way


  • 78% of people who identified with an ethnicity group that are traditionally under-represented believe that groups who identify with the same characteristics as themselves are not treated fairly in the workplace;  only 40% of those identifying with the traditional majority group agreed
  • 71% of the under-represented group do not believe that success in their organisation is based on merit compared to 41% from the majority

If you want to take part the survey is open for another couple of weeks: https://www.menti.com/alqjhe8noarg/0  - Please share among your network and firm.

E2W members can access the full interim report on our members website at https://members.e2w.co/signup

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