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They think it’s all over - but for some it’s just starting…

They think it’s all over - but for some it’s just starting…

Katie.Dix / 25 Jul 2022

Please enjoy a short round up of our hugely successful event hosted by Sky Sports last Wednesday,  “They think it’s all over” - How gender equality in the workplace still needs everyone’s effort


Men for Inclusion are bringing together men who already understand the benefits of diversity and want to accelerate towards a more inclusive world and workplace.  Together we can learn and co-operate with each other through our events and workshops. Together we can be agents of change supporting our colleagues who face greater challenges due to being members of under represented groups. 

Join our community, we are just getting started but already you can:

  • Join in on our bi -monthly events and workshops
  • Collaborate with other members in our exclusive WhatsApp and LinkedIn Groups
  • Wear the Men for Inclusion Badge (LinkedIn in profile)
  • Get our expert help and advice.

Details about Men for Inclusions Corporate Services can be found here.  

Individual Membership is £75.00 per year Inc VAT. We offer corporate discounts to male ally groups: for 5-10 Men £50 each(plus VAT), For 11-50 Men £40 each plus VAT. Contact mark.freed@e2w.co for more details.

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