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When the solution is part of the problem

When the solution is part of the problem

Mark.Freed / 02 Feb 2022

A snippet from a real email exchange I had this week...

Hiring Manager to CEO: You mentioned that you knew a headhunter who specialised in female investment professionals – this would be greatly appreciated as I have not had any women apply for previous roles via our Talent Team.

CEO to Inhouse Talent Team, Hiring Manager and E2W: I am copying Mark at E2W who I believe is on our preferred supplier list. Mark / E2W specialises in introducing female candidates for positions across the savings and investment industry.

In House Talent Team Response: Will get the role live and once we have gone through our sourcing process will release the role to external agencies - if we need more candidates.

CEO Response: The hiring manager and I are both keen to see a diverse shortlist.

In House Talent Team Response: Of course and I totally agree. The challenge is whether the candidates exist or not vs the reality of the trying to find them as they do have the opportunity to apply. It may get better as society changes and as opportunities arise but the leaders of tomorrow in niche areas are probably still in university.
I believe in a long strategy

E2W Response: A very quick look and without a full briefing we have been able to identify 37 women in our community who broadly meet the criteria. 

Outcome: Unknown, the role was never released to us. Chances of a man being recruited?

Tell me your thoughts over on my LinkedIn post, is this STILL a regular occurence? 


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